28 Dec 2007

Week 8 ... Story time.

Week 8, Task eight … Bec’s blog catch up saga continues. (day 2)

Is everyone settled? … then I shall begin .
Storytelling in games. There main purpose to help aid escapism from the “real world” because lets face it, the world has gone to pot. It could be salvaged but everyone is to busy burying there heads in work, personal matters and stressing about money to think about the bigger issues.

So this is were the game comes in an excuses to have a moment buy yourself to relieve the stress of life killing a few zombies or problem solving. Don’t get me wrong I know the majority of people who play games are teens. But in 2days world school is all about surviving one long day at a time, without ending up in some kind of domestic and is far more stressful than people realize.

Storylines are important in the fact that they determine what challenges and obstacles u will come to in the game, however when I get addicted to a game the storyline becomes unimportant and I just want to see what’s around the corner. Like in Zelda “storyline….what storyline?” but the puzzles are great and when I’m in the mood, oddly easy.

I think storylines help u get into a game at the beginning but after that there’s little relevance because everyone knows that the end is gona be a huge letdown.

The games that are more “social” such as second life and w.o.w have no real storylines at all and become some what boring after a wile unless u join a little guild and have a little clan get together. just like being in Starbucks with the buds only this way u never have to met the annoying shits or make any effort what so ever. XD “bad bad games”

Much rather have quoted bits of Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan. But alas its course work, so no such luck.