27 Dec 2007

Speed Paints.

So after reading the next blog task. It was like yawn …. Am a bothered…..

Yes, yes I am bothered (kinda)….BUT FIRST… ill post my speed paints. XD. Never realized id done so many. Posted in the order I did them newest first.
Word = eye = 50 min. very rough shape, was really just messing with the brushes.

Word = Cow = 45 min. worked from refrence.
Word = Cataclysm = 30 min. Totaly fell out with this one, needs so much more detail.
Word = Easter island = 45 min. worked from refrence.
Word = Hills = 45 min. The only thing i like is the colours. comp and perspective is so off. must have been asleep when i did this.
Word = Weasle = 30 min. I dont like weasles.
Word = wizard = 30 min.
Word = Impact = 45 min. scribbles.