28 Oct 2007

The Shame

Ok ok soo after all the hassle of game city (I’ll fill you in on the details later) I came home dying from a cold and sneezing my brains out. I made it back on sheer hope that my new laptop was sitting on the side when I got there. My lovely new RED dell, baby doll thing.

Sure enough I finally arrived home and there it was. Centre of the room, glowing, church music playing in the background and fairies dancing around the top. cant quiet work out how much of that was in my head, but my god it was a spectacular moment. I picked up the box it was a little light considering it’s a laptop and the box was kind of small and shabby. But I was too overwhelmed to pay any attention to detail. I ripped open the box and there inside I found this=

Hmm don’t look quite right. The stuck on print out of the dell logo, was a sure give away. this was not what I ordered. I look up in pure disbelief at the 3 family members now laughing there asses off. I cant believe that my family could have been so cruel or that they had the time to make it. This particular dell “rip off” started out life as a book, some red paper and good old masking tape. The custom keyboard is a great touch, the coffee button has to be a new must for all computers…. if it worked. Once again I cant believe that these people especially my mother spent a whole day off there life’s making this trash. Just for that one moment.


This is probably one of those things that will never ever go away a will be brought up at any possible moment to peeve me off. I can see it now “Rebecca go get your laptop to show them” pftt I feel depressed at my future shame.

So after a hour and a half of nothing but shame and begging for them to give me my real laptop, i finally saw it. And what the first thing I do, first though to go through my head “I have got to put this on my blog” SAD. Which leads us to this very moment. I’m still ill and still peeved so what do I do? I write about it, typical English approach. But my new dell baby doll makes up for the poopiness.


23 Oct 2007

Photoshop Fun


My very first photoshop pic. YES FIRST.
I have dabbled in the past so I know where the tools are but i‘ve never really taken it seriously. UNTILL NOW.

I have to say, I’m proud of myself (Vanity :p). OK so it took ages and she dose look a bit like an alien o_O. But I’m Happy XD. Gota love the ear.

Oh if u were wondering
Top one = Original
Bottom one = Mine.

Any tips to help make her look less Alien are more than welcome. XD

Week One....deep breath.!!!

Ok task one. week one-ness-ness. (prepare to be put to sleep)


So I’m supposed to be telling you how great blogs are. But I think there over engineered one way conversations. In which the writer makes themselves out to be god’s best creation. When all they are really doing is stealing other people’s u-tube vid’s. Most bloggers are self obsessed and completely different in the “real world” Sooo im now feeling a little sad that i to now have a blog and facebook. I though I was doing so well at avoiding them.

Facebook amazing peeve’s me with the amount of pure gibberish I get sent. What in all hell on toast is that gift thing about “u have been sent a penguin” WHYYYYY? Dose it end there? noooooo “u have been bitten by a zombie” or the ever so popular sex appeal bar with sex-o-meter. Silly trash should be banned from the net including myspace, hi5 or any other.

Deep Breath

Ok with that out the system. In my opinion there are 4 types of bloggers, Collectors, Online diary and Party people and me.

Collectors = Obsessed with surfing the net and are fed up of storing everything they like in there fav’s. Or they use the blog to show off/advertise there “real life” collection. I don’t mind these guys so much there just writing about what they like, Passionate Guys :p. XD amazingly good example = ht

Online Diary = I guess these guys just use the blog to vent, possibly rant. A hobby of sorts. These people I find amazingly boring, taking about how many sugars they had in there tea, do we really need to know? Most common peeps to do this are the ones who have just had baby and have nothing better to do.

Party People = These guys are the ones who spam up the net. Stealing all the good blog names. Write about nothing in particular and insult there friends online. In other words kids. Haha reminds me of the time my cousin almost got kicked out of school for drawing a pic with an amazing likeness to a girl in his class (not
a very flattering one) …….Anyway it ended up in Google images when u searched her name. OOPS.

ME = Blogging because I have to, work related.

Still Awake? Well I am impressed.
Coming up task two-ness-ness.

17 Oct 2007

It's a Start

Welcome one and all to my wonderful blog.

First things first, my name is Bec, I’ve currently just started uni on a game art course (yea a girl on a game course) it’s a long story.


Anyhoo instead of essays I have to write about arty gameness in this, my wonderful blog. YESS no essays…WHOOP WHOOP.

However I really really REALY don’t like blogs. Mainly because I never know what to put on the dam things.