17 Jan 2008

Fat lady.

Hehehe my street char. why dose it make me laugh so much?
But guys word of advice, never ever search fat lady in google for ref pics.


YAY i am really proud of my little house. BUT it still not fin. ill work on it so more when i have time. bump map and more detailed render me thinks.
bellow = my first atempt. what was i thinking. (hangs head in shame) >>>>
The real deal>>>>


OOOOk so presentations over i though id start looking at the mech project. BUT BUT BUT LOOK WHAT I FOUND.....

La Petite GĂ©ante. and The Sultan's Elephant.( bellow).

yea so i was thinking along the lines of puppets for my character.

Mech being a form of control bla bla blaa. make life easier bla bla blaaaa.

Am i thinking to deep? MAYBE I'm thinking to deep. still puppet type thing = COOL.!.!.!