31 Dec 2008


ok ok so i might MIGHT just like painting landscapes. (without buldings in lol) all u do it paint blobs lol.

yay i did work.

Not very happy with my peeps work. not alot of life in them. but getting there i guess.

7 Dec 2008

bored uninspired and moaning.

trying to get in the swing of things but. mehhhh.

5 Dec 2008


dose it look like me. cos i really have no clue.

6 Nov 2008

Smiley happy

Lets paint happy smiley faces to cheer are selfs up.

3 Nov 2008

Best Find ever

was looking at monowheels for the heather mod. and and this is pure gold.
i love monowheels (someone buy me one lol)

2 Nov 2008

ok back to painting.

Need to do more full body paints. this took way to long. but was hella fun.

11 Oct 2008

1 point doodles.

Ooo i did some work.

bradgate park thumbs.

3 Oct 2008


Rusty at perspective. dam it. SCREAMS.

20 Aug 2008


Yet more messing in painter. and lookie, i did a guy for once.

19 Aug 2008

OMGGGG. I Love Painter.

Isn't is shit when u discover that photoshop is not as godlike as u think. just l8ly i realized it had a real lack in freedom. and what annoyed me most is that its so hard to get any texture at all. At best u can use lots of custom brushes and hope for the best. but its lame. Was talking to Mr phillippp and decided we should learn painter and see what its like.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OH MY GOD I LOVE IT. So much freedom. u can be so loose and free. never using photoshop again. PAINTER ALL THE WAY.

here are my first 2 painter lovely-ness-ness-es. not the most amazing of things. butt Mann it was fun. Woooooooooooooooooooo.First ever painter. above. yea yea i know the anatomy is bad. i got carried away.Photo ref used of tying Tiffany. not posting the photo or u will see how unlike her the face is. bad face is bad.(uncroped)

18 Aug 2008

Yet again its a mini comp.

Some doodles for the new gameArtisans minicomp pirate portrait. not to happy at the mo. needs to be more of a pirate.

11 Aug 2008

Lady Concept

So i was thinking maybe i draw skinny women to much, and that i should start doing some guys for a change. butt then i was thinking it summer. so im gona play some more until its out the system. here is a little concept i did last night. bit disappointed in it really, but i think I'll do a full body one l8er to work out how her pants work lol.

6 Aug 2008

The Future Soon

Found some uber song Lyrics by Jonathan Coulton. shame the song itself sucks. but the lyrics made me smile. reminds. me of you geeks XD. lol.

Last week I left a note on Laura’s desk
It said I love you signed anonymous friend
Turns out she’s smarter than I thought she was
She knows I wrote it, now the whole class does too
And I’m alone during couple skate
When she skates by with some guy on her arm
But I know that I’ll forget the look of pity in her face
When I’m living in my solar dome on a platform in space

Cause it’s gonna be the future soon
And I won’t always be this way
When the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away
It’s gonna be the future soon
I’ve never seen it quite so clear
And when my heart is breaking I can close my eyes and it’s already here

I ’ll probably be some kind of scientist
Building inventions in my space lab in space
I’ll end world hunger I’ll make dolphins speak
Work through the daytime, spend my nights and weekends
Perfecting my warrior robot race
Building them one laser gun at a time
I will do my best to teach them
About life and what it’s worth
I just hope that I can keep them from destroying the Earth

Cause it’s gonna be the future soon
And I won’t always be this wayW
hen the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away
It’s gonna be the future soon
I’ve never seen it quite so clear
And when my heart is breaking I can close my eyes and it’s already

Here on Earth they’ll wonder
As I piece by piece replace myself
And the steel and circuits will make me whole
But I’ll still feel so alone
Until Laura calls me homeI
’ll see her standing by the monorail
She’ll look the same except for bionic eyes
She lost the real ones in the robot wars
I ’ll say I’m sorry, she’ll say it’s not your fault
Or is it?And she’ll eye me suspiciously
Hearing the whir of the servos inside
She will scream and try to run
But there’s nowhere she can hide
When a crazy cyborg wants to make you his robot bride

4 Aug 2008

I did an art

What started out as a doodle ended up being faffed with lots. any crit welcome. im overly obsessed with that red hair, cant stop drawing it. XD but i did really enjoy painting it, also thax for the help Phill stink :P

2 Aug 2008

Bad mood = soppy lame girly s-paint

Title says it all really.

24 Jul 2008

Drawing Dreams.

Just lately ive been having some really wacked dreams. A lot worse/ better than normal, so much so it takes me half the day to register them. So thought id have a bash at trying to get my head around drawing them. Because it really does seem a shame to just do nothing to remember the idea. The paints are of a fairy type thing. Yea so I dream about fairies sometimes no mocking (or else). so yea the pics really don’t do it any justice in my eyes, but I’m so gona do some more to remember. I could be a good girl an do a poopi dream journal. But that’s geeki lol.

17 Jul 2008

W.T.F - Im is Broken. 0_o

By Mark Ryden. crazi artist.

13 Jul 2008

summer paint-dump 2

colour pratice. around 1 hour 30.
Photo ref. (real colours are boring)

speed paint. 1 hour.

2 Jul 2008


Here are some random summer paints. though id post a couple cos i really dont know what else to do with them.

may post some max stuff. if i can sort out the file jungle. XD

yea i know theres a lot of brown. never realized that b4. must be the colour of the month.

18 Apr 2008


lalalalala so i redid the canal photoshop today, cos i knew the old one was B.A.D but i never realized how bad till i opened it to compare the 2 when i'd finished.

Was an OMGGGGGGGGGGGG moment indeed.

Took some guts to post the original. what was i thinking.

I really hope u don't need me to point out the redo, lol. BUT yay i've learnt things. Thax to the teach's and ma buddy's. XD

12 Apr 2008

Why O Why

Now I was nice and happy with my first little tree.

But decided to attempt a tree with leaves the other day to see how it would turn out. Andddddddddd i’ve amazed myself, not only does it look twice as good as the first its also less than half the Tris and took less than half the time to make. grrr

OH what’s that little birdi, only 556 tris. So now the car limit of what 10,000 poly’s or something amazingly stupid. Seems.......well.........amazingly stupid.

But now ive pissed myself of with the high one looking worse. gahhhhhh.

11 Apr 2008

Blogs suck more than the spice girls.

I finally came to the realization that I may have to start doing some blog tasks. WHICH SUCKS. I’ve been trying to motivate myself, but meh. Been having too much fun, shame on me XD. So what there’s 2 weeks left of the course “kinda” and I have *counts* 14 blog tasks to do.

*insert crying here*

Looks like a second dose of hardcore blogging for the Bex. Woooooooo funnn o_O

With enough tea and sugar I can do anything XD. Positive thinking for once.

7 Apr 2008

Especially for Del.

Especially for Del. Sniff moan at me for not posting blogs.
Turns out my blog is actually looked at XD. Whoop Whoop.

Sooo here are some renders of my finished Scooby van. and hell no im not posting lotti so don’t ask.

18 Feb 2008

I hate Hate HATE Trees

Trees not only are they the most boring of all things to model. They give me one hell of a head ache just trying to see what the hell is going on.

8 Feb 2008

My small Revelation

So mid way through my photo taking saga. I was messing with the settings and discovered that lighting is everything.

Even though both of my photos are dark and seedy, the bottom one is far more effective. I think it’s the clear light and dark areas and lack of detail that give it the edge. The mystery of what’s in the shadows or what’s out the door? Where as in the first everything is presented clearly, no imagination needed. In this case Less is definatly More.

3 Feb 2008

Woo Crack Den.


On my wonderful visit to the steam museum type place looking for lovely mechanical textures. (See I do work XD ) We (me, Phil and Mike) found an utterly amazing crack den/abandoned factory. ANNNDDD totally went in.


I told you it was a crack den.
The risks I go to for go for good ref photos.