27 Dec 2007

Week 6 ... Game Design *falls asleep*

Week 6, Task Sixxx … what was that? u want me to tell u about Game design? Well ok.
*makes more tea* now I shall begin
What I’ve learnt so far, game designers work in close nit groups, each member is aloud, no mater what there specialty to give there opinion towards the topic in hand, to help improve the game/game play. Gone are the times of programmers designing the entire game play. In next gen games its far more about the realism of the environments/characters and animations, not just the story or the method in which u can kill things. Granted these aspects are just as important, to hold the players attention and original story lines are becoming rare.

Most games are just variations of the same. Designers are scared to think to outside the box to much because they are trying to appeal to a wide audience, so they stick with a game style that sells. Now days there are less technical restrictions on the games they can create, they can make much more visual stunningness-ness than they could have even dreamed of back in the nes days. So why they don’t just out right make some mental game staring ninja pirate pig I don’t know.

“Game Design = is the process of designing the content and rules of a game. The term is also used to describe both the game design embodied in an actual game as well as documentation that describes such a design.”

One of the many purposes of game design is to determine the constraints. such as target audience and technical aspects. these depend on the style of game they wish to create.