27 Dec 2007

Week 5...Journalism Malarkey

Week whatever (I’ve lost count) Task five-ness-ness… loosing hope

Game journalism *sips tea* where to start.
Firstly after reading all that reference material its amazing how much longer it takes u to read something that really does not inspire u. suppose that could really be said for anything, like how it used to take twice as long to get to school than It did to get home. Or twice as long to draw a still life than a cool axe murder. Its just the way things go.
However with this new game journalism malarkey, I find that it makes the read much more entertaining not only are they telling u about the game, they tell u about the random thoughts they had, what they ate while playing. There personality really comes through, a great example of pure nuttiness is the worshiped Zero Punctuation (not saying I worship him, its just that half the class starts drooling when u mention his name.)
I personally have never really paid any attention to reviews. Granted I’ve looked at them to find out what the story is about and such. But really all I want to do is play the game not waste even more of my time reading about it to.

When I think of new age journalism. What comes to my mind is the amazing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas a book by Hunter S Thompson. I original got the book because it had wacky illustrations. But when I actually read it I loved it. All this guy does it write about his experiences. On his way to and during his actual review job. (not that this review is in the book) he just goes off on one huge druggy raving. Amazingly more entertain than the actual main stream review he was supposed to have done.

So yea I’m all for the waked out review, its just finding them.