24 Jul 2008

Drawing Dreams.

Just lately ive been having some really wacked dreams. A lot worse/ better than normal, so much so it takes me half the day to register them. So thought id have a bash at trying to get my head around drawing them. Because it really does seem a shame to just do nothing to remember the idea. The paints are of a fairy type thing. Yea so I dream about fairies sometimes no mocking (or else). so yea the pics really don’t do it any justice in my eyes, but I’m so gona do some more to remember. I could be a good girl an do a poopi dream journal. But that’s geeki lol.

17 Jul 2008

W.T.F - Im is Broken. 0_o

By Mark Ryden. crazi artist.

13 Jul 2008

summer paint-dump 2

colour pratice. around 1 hour 30.
Photo ref. (real colours are boring)

speed paint. 1 hour.

2 Jul 2008


Here are some random summer paints. though id post a couple cos i really dont know what else to do with them.

may post some max stuff. if i can sort out the file jungle. XD

yea i know theres a lot of brown. never realized that b4. must be the colour of the month.