27 Dec 2007

Week 7 ... Peeps up top.

Week 7, Task seven-ness-ness… and the blogging saga continues (I’m whooping its ass)

Art Directors.
“I think video games are at such infancy in terms of art style, actually developing it. We're dealing with 4000 years, really, of art and conceptual design.
For it really not to be utilized, and for the industry to basically dwell in a certain type of genre which has been around the 1980s up to present time, it's pretty much all they're embracing.
It's the same way, you have Star Wars and the original Stanley Kubrick movie 2001. And people embrace that genre of outer space, so to speak. And it's continued to this very day. Hopefully people will wake up someday.” Moby Francke, art director on Team Fortress 2.

As far as art direction goes I totally agree with this dude above ^ think I even touched upon it in the week 6 blog. These art directors may have lots of responsibility but they don’t seem to do anything original with it. These guys are just way to business minded and want to see a large return. Did any of them ever think that maybe people are craving something visually new. A new image if correct will surly appeal to a larger market.

The art directors job it a big one. There the ones that decide the final aesthetics of the game, works with the project manager to make sure budget and schedule are ok, delivers constructive feedback, supervises reviews, mentors the less experienced artists on the team and lots lots more.

True these guys need to have a history in art and be a talented artist themselves in order to give criticism and advise to the people doing the work. But them themselves really have no particularly creative input in the game, they just do the typical “that’s good …that’s crap… .ok carry on.” because there to busy to give any more creative input than incoherent grunts and moans.
NOTE TO MIKE : these topics are not very picture friendly. 0_o