14 Nov 2007

Week 4 ... Nintendo Gives Birth and Beyond

Week 4, Task Four-ness-ness ... Yet more game history.

Picking up where I left off. Which was the late 90’s on the verge of the new millennium. The arrival of 128-bit, in the form of SEGA Dreamcast…the ugly thing. Then the big daddies of yesterday started to arrive (in order, earliest first) SONY PlayStation 2, NINTENDO game cube, and in 2001 the MICROSOFT Xbox, lovely daring’s that they are.

The PlayStation 2 toped the market selling 120 mil, cant see why personally, as non of the games really appeal to me, defiantly aimed at boys. Xbox was second with 24 mil. The only reason they sold less is because the PS2 was released just before and therefore most in the market had just purchased a console leaving little for the Xbox to work with. As far as I’m concerned the Xbox is far far better than the PS2.With these fella’s much better games came. Such as EVIL DEAD the game, JSRF, HALO and Splinter Cell.

These platforms were huge successes so what to the companies do? Why make more of course. But this time bigger and better so they can sell them all over again, to the same people. Also to make matters worse they stop making games for the original platforms. But hey that means I can get awesome Xbox games for only £5.oo.
So yea in dances the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2005.

Also they try to sell the same products to you for a third time with there portable version‘s, in the form of PSP (PlayStation Portable) and NINTENDO DS.

The Wii is aimed at the whole family, focusing on new gameplay methods and new forms of interaction, rather than amazing over the top graphics. The Wii is the best console so far.

Food For Thought.
Having looked at the previous game crash of 1983, I cant help but feel it will happen again. What with 3 major companies competing, each with more than one platform on the go (apart form the 360). The sales of video games are once again struggling under spilt market conditions. Most gamers will not own both a PS3 and 360, let alone a Wii as well. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony may all be surviving sharing the market, but it will make life hard for third party game publishers to chose what platform to create games for. Future platforms will have more money spent on them and yet will receive lower returns, with each generation. Id say the companies will have to combine efforts to survive.


Michael Powell said...

grraaaarrrr, come on I've read week 4 like a hundred times now >:-(