10 Nov 2007


This organic character brief must be the best I have ever had, its the most open by far. So why… … WHY !! am I so uninspired. All I can come up with is a guy with a fish head hat and a lady with wasp tattoo’s. could have gone to town making some obscure monster. But but even with Google’s help, I’m still well and truly stuck.…HELP.!!!.

Thinking about it why do I even bother trying to create good art, and be on a course that specialises in visual stunning-ness-ness when people are entertained just as much by the amazing http://www.ratemypoo.com/

I think I could pass this course if all I do is a poop in the middle of the room and leave it there for the 3 years. Oh wait sorry that’s how to pass a “FINE ART” course. (me slag of the course I’m on … NEVER)


dan said...

thats gross :S why would you poop in a room