3 Nov 2007

Week 2...My Beginning

As a wee lass I never ever got a look in on the computer, what with a older and younger brother. I was the one who was told “you don’t want to play that, just go paint or play with Barbie” thinking about it that must be why I like art so much because Barbie sucked and Shelly went off on an “adventure” in the garden and sadly never came back. So glitter and paint it was.

However I remember are first computer type thing vividly, The Amiga 500. The Amiga was release in 1987, and it cost around $500 dollars, we got the Amiga around 1995/6 because around that time it would have been affordable to mortals (by my calculations, that would make me 7ish).
Anyway this thing was brilliant, even if I was only watching others play, and being deemed as an annoying pest. On the off chance I did get to play, without a doubt I would play ZOOL 2, amazing upbeat music, funky characters, bright colours and Chupa Chup lollypops throughout, what more could a young girl want in a game. Pure ZOOL worship. And yes of course I was the girl char.

There were some other “GREAT” games like, Secret of Monkey island (I’m a huge Monkey island fan, DO NOT MOCK) From the box advert you thing the game is an amazing work of art with its “swashbuckling graphics“ but then u play it lol, hey if it says swashbuckling graphics in the add its got to be a good game. Guybrush Threepwood is my hero, followed close by Indiana Jones (ill not go into that, I bet your already freaked).

Other good games were, lemmings, the settlers and loom (I could not play loom, but it looked pretty). But the best is still ZOOL. GO ZOOL GO.

A must go place if u had/have an Amiga ... http://www.lemonamiga.com/ ... brings back the memories. Xd