2 Nov 2007


Gamecity. Hmm were to start. I even said before I went the only thing worthwhile to come from game city would be the possibility of a photo with a storm trooper. Well here it is, proof that I actually did go to a game convention for the first time. And to be honest it was not the most impressive game convention. As in most of the lectures the majority of people there were from the same course (were we the only ones dumb enough to go) having said that it did entertain me and it made a change from the norm. the presentations were surprisingly really entertaining and obscure things. Like how to tape your Wii control to a lightsaber, so you can play Lego Starwars on Wii to the “extreme“.

Oh yes im cool. lol. I was forced.

As far as KEITA TAKAHASHI and nobby nobby boy is concerned I’m still utterly bewildered by the entire thing. I lost 2 hours of my life to growing plants, odd videos and a miffi cup and bowl. BUT hell It was funny XD.