10 Nov 2007

Week 3 ... My Middle Bit

Week 3, Task three-ness-ness… and it goes on ....My Middle bit.

This is going to be hard. Hmmmmmmm, well ok so after the Amiga. We got are first computer, whoop whoop. But again I never really got a turn in the beginning, and I only ever really used it for homework. Until I got myself some “good” games. I went through a longgggg faze of sim type games like Theme park, Theme park world, Startopia, Theme hospital (yea there all bullfrog games, I loved them) OOO OOO and not forgetting Dungeon Keeper, god of Bullfrog games.
A yes I did play on Sims and had all the add on’s, that was a great game but only with the cheats, building HUGE houses was defiantly entertaining. However the whole making them go to the loo and cooking dinner was boringgg. Even with all the boring bits it was inevitable that I was going to get Sims 2. So I could build bigger better houses with basements and loft conversions, the works. I also managed one hell of a family tree, brothers had kids with the same lady who was also sleeping with there dad. social services took the kids, Pftt if they cant be bothered to feed them then neither can I.

Oh yea did I mention the Guybrush Threepwood and Indiana Jones obsession? Well that’s still there. Games like that are amazing oo oo especially GRIM FANDANGO. But most importantly ….I WANT A MONKEY ISLAND 5, on Wii. Also cant w8 for Lego Indiana. I know I know miss spent youth bla bla bla… After a stressful day at school there was nothing better than a good dose of insult sword fighting or puzzle solving.

New revelation Davy Jones is a LeChuck rip off. There I was looking for a little LeChuck for my Blog and I come across this = ( who ever though this up, was thinking way to much ) o_O

AND now to pay homage to JET SET RADIO and JET SET RADIO FUTURE / JSRF. The random ass graphics on these games are groovi and I have to say it had a big influence on my artiness-ness. PLUS the music is amazing I have the whole lot on my mp3 still.

Then came the time when all I did was play on my bros online games. There was guild wars, managed to get a level 14 Necromancer (necro‘s rock) considering the max level was 20, lvl 14 was amazing. I loose interest in these games quickly, can u blame me?. And then there’s wow (World of Warcraft) now this I had 2 characters both pitifully low levels. One EVIL undead freak for harassing ppl, one good little gnome for socializing. Yea cant say I actually played that game, just bopped around. My chars had the best names Moth and Aphid, I am proud of myself for not having overly long stupid names like everyone else on there. Sad thing is there are still “friends” from the game on my msn list who STILL harass me and call me moth. Its getting a little weird to say the least. But I could not imagine my online world without them, there part of the package. Any-hoo that game got boring as all games do. eventualy.

Yea I know this blog entry is a bunch of random statements and the like. But hey the man said “we’sa no do essays” so I think I’m covered.