19 Aug 2008

OMGGGG. I Love Painter.

Isn't is shit when u discover that photoshop is not as godlike as u think. just l8ly i realized it had a real lack in freedom. and what annoyed me most is that its so hard to get any texture at all. At best u can use lots of custom brushes and hope for the best. but its lame. Was talking to Mr phillippp and decided we should learn painter and see what its like.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OH MY GOD I LOVE IT. So much freedom. u can be so loose and free. never using photoshop again. PAINTER ALL THE WAY.

here are my first 2 painter lovely-ness-ness-es. not the most amazing of things. butt Mann it was fun. Woooooooooooooooooooo.First ever painter. above. yea yea i know the anatomy is bad. i got carried away.Photo ref used of tying Tiffany. not posting the photo or u will see how unlike her the face is. bad face is bad.(uncroped)