11 Apr 2008

Blogs suck more than the spice girls.

I finally came to the realization that I may have to start doing some blog tasks. WHICH SUCKS. I’ve been trying to motivate myself, but meh. Been having too much fun, shame on me XD. So what there’s 2 weeks left of the course “kinda” and I have *counts* 14 blog tasks to do.

*insert crying here*

Looks like a second dose of hardcore blogging for the Bex. Woooooooo funnn o_O

With enough tea and sugar I can do anything XD. Positive thinking for once.


Michael Powell said...

yeh, c'mon you're into the final few yards!

or I'll make you listen to the spice girls Guantanamo Bay style...

Kyrene said...

You write very well.