24 Jul 2008

Drawing Dreams.

Just lately ive been having some really wacked dreams. A lot worse/ better than normal, so much so it takes me half the day to register them. So thought id have a bash at trying to get my head around drawing them. Because it really does seem a shame to just do nothing to remember the idea. The paints are of a fairy type thing. Yea so I dream about fairies sometimes no mocking (or else). so yea the pics really don’t do it any justice in my eyes, but I’m so gona do some more to remember. I could be a good girl an do a poopi dream journal. But that’s geeki lol.


Del said...

Drawing Dreams.... kool post title. heheheh

awesome pictures Bex

thomas li said...

yeah cos being on a game art course isnt geeky lol.

those are really nice man, the bottom one has awsome flow and rythem.

Fieldscarecrow said...

Must be having some badass dreams! You make fairies look cool haha :)

HiddenLevels said...

Nice Designs Nutcase!

Now go and see a Shrink!