12 Apr 2008

Why O Why

Now I was nice and happy with my first little tree.

But decided to attempt a tree with leaves the other day to see how it would turn out. Andddddddddd i’ve amazed myself, not only does it look twice as good as the first its also less than half the Tris and took less than half the time to make. grrr

OH what’s that little birdi, only 556 tris. So now the car limit of what 10,000 poly’s or something amazingly stupid. Seems.......well.........amazingly stupid.

But now ive pissed myself of with the high one looking worse. gahhhhhh.


Del Walker said...

awesome trees!

remind me to lend you the Spice Girls greatest hits. Im sure if you listen to "Viva Forever" one more time i could convince you that their kewl!

Michael Powell said...

Well personally I like the bare tree better. Although I'd have to run round it in full 3d to reslly be sure :)