25 Oct 2009

The Trash hunt.

Whilst on a texture hunt for the Trash Project.
Ive always liked old building but seen these lovely baby's be empty and/or run down made me want to buy every last one and save them.


Every game has its problems some more disturbing than others.

There i was playings Sims.
No TV.
No Internet.
Needed to disconnect.
Torturing Sims seemed like a good idea.
Highly disturbing animation fail.
Though ud like to know, not that ppl read the blogs anymore :P

18 Oct 2009

Treasure chest update.

I am determined to finish texturing it this week no more leaving things half done. No more starting 5 things at once. Ill finish it with will power alone if I must.

And yes I used painter. Also used a base wood photo to paint over so I don’t have to worry about all the random colours in the wood bits not blending. I don’t think its cheating that much. Painting wood is not my strong point :P


Whenever it comes to off topic drawing I always without hesitation do a portrait. I’m completely obsessed.

There are many good painters and shoopers (comp users) in the world but if I don’t see a lovely portrait I cant say I have much interest. Just because someone can paint well doesn’t mean I have to like it right. Credit were its due there very good, but 3ex likes these guys much much more. Everyone has that elite list of artists that are all the inspiration.

And this is my list of golden artists.

N.Fawkes. (Charcoal)

Dan Milligan (Corel painter)

Bao's life drawing. (is also really skilled at shooping)

Shawn Barber (oil paints)

pior oberson.

And this guy who i will find his name out one day :P

There are a few more but this posty would be to long :P

16 Aug 2009


Woo summer photos. Alla's almost all of my photos i cant post though. for them having peeps in. cant plaster them all over the net now can i. have to say i really did miss living in me village. 4 local people. don't get me wrong the place is poo fest. but for walks in the sun and enjoying the countryside its amazing. never though it would be possible but when living in Leice i missed trees, grass, birds and most importantly SPACE. safe to say I'm enjoying my summer. :P

11 Aug 2009

Shittypoo, and Marshmallows.

Ahhh my poor neglected blog. I'm sorry Mr blog for not loving you but for the past while I've been a huge moody mess, and i cant have u full with negative things.

Thankfully i can safely say the coast is clear to talk to me again with out me trying to kill you with a chainsaw or turn into a big soppy mess. Yea so i have a few issues with the whole depression but meh nothing new there. just had a baddd few months. some of u deserved the nasty, but alla's most dint and to them bex says sorry.

Howeverrr now its time to fix my problem which is 1 and a half stone. yes that right I'm an extra 1 and a half stone Fatterrrrr. which clearly is everyone Else's fault but mine :P
So I'm currently on a no junk all healthy diet and am on a really weird downer. detox yayyy.

anyhooo I'm gona get my self back into the swing of things, with the help of my no nonsense painter brush. and the blog will be revived. not just with art but words 2. *shock horror*

2 Jun 2009


Just lately i seem to stumble on the oddist of things. beter make notes. (or just keep links to them all on my blog :P )

www.daikichiamano.com (be aware of the fish)