11 Aug 2009

Shittypoo, and Marshmallows.

Ahhh my poor neglected blog. I'm sorry Mr blog for not loving you but for the past while I've been a huge moody mess, and i cant have u full with negative things.

Thankfully i can safely say the coast is clear to talk to me again with out me trying to kill you with a chainsaw or turn into a big soppy mess. Yea so i have a few issues with the whole depression but meh nothing new there. just had a baddd few months. some of u deserved the nasty, but alla's most dint and to them bex says sorry.

Howeverrr now its time to fix my problem which is 1 and a half stone. yes that right I'm an extra 1 and a half stone Fatterrrrr. which clearly is everyone Else's fault but mine :P
So I'm currently on a no junk all healthy diet and am on a really weird downer. detox yayyy.

anyhooo I'm gona get my self back into the swing of things, with the help of my no nonsense painter brush. and the blog will be revived. not just with art but words 2. *shock horror*


Fieldscarecrow said...

Glad you're posting again! Nice markmaking ;)

Lift the fog up!!

Bex said...

hehe tax dan :P