18 Oct 2009


Whenever it comes to off topic drawing I always without hesitation do a portrait. I’m completely obsessed.

There are many good painters and shoopers (comp users) in the world but if I don’t see a lovely portrait I cant say I have much interest. Just because someone can paint well doesn’t mean I have to like it right. Credit were its due there very good, but 3ex likes these guys much much more. Everyone has that elite list of artists that are all the inspiration.

And this is my list of golden artists.

N.Fawkes. (Charcoal)

Dan Milligan (Corel painter)

Bao's life drawing. (is also really skilled at shooping)

Shawn Barber (oil paints)

pior oberson.

And this guy who i will find his name out one day :P

There are a few more but this posty would be to long :P


Fieldscarecrow said...

saves to inspiration folder

thanks! :D